Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What Ever Happened to These One Hit Wonders???

As lovers of R&B and Hip Hop, we always want to give credit where it is due, however, what if the credit goes to some of the best groups of the past that had one hit and then you never saw them again. Shame! Remember that group, 'Soul for Real'? You ever wondered what happened to them. Apparently, the lead singer of that group along with some of his brothers were indicted for identity theft. Guess things got so bad with them that they had to resort to crime. Pictures of them are on the internet and sorry to say but it's not a good look. It's a real shame because I think they had great potential. Their harmony was tight but in end I suppose the money wasn't right?!? Who knows!
I got a tune for ya'll! "Blackberry Molasses one of the things that never change..." OMG! I loved that song by Mista who were often compared to Boyz II Men and New Edition, but what ever happened to those young gentlemen? I only know of one former group member that is currently doing well named Bobby Wilson aka Bobby V. who has been nominated for a number of awards and has won the Urban Music Awards in 2009. Some find a different way when things don't work initially. You can call that good work ethic in my book!
There are really so many groups to name like Subway, 702, Playa, Escape, etc. Some of them had more than one hit but I'm sure many of us miss the days when music was real. These groups had the harmony and the swag of the time. I guess it can't be the 90's forever. I'm not mad that music has taken a different direction with the use of technology to make voices sound "unique". The use of vocal ability is just not as important as it used to be. Unfortunately, teenagers love the new sound which these music companies will continue to produce. The rest of us don't really have a say! And that's a CAKE EXCLUSIVE!

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